The Contemplative Mapping Instruction Adventure

The Contemplative Mapping Instruction Adventure is a series of self-guided walks inviting you to mindfully experience spaces, community, and connection.  The guides are comprised of choose-your-own-adventure style instructions and maps contained in small booklets.   The piece provides individual and group experiences that uncover the depths of everyday surroundings and lead to discovery.


The basic principle of mindfulness is to deliberately pay full attention to what is happening around and within you without judgement.  Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as reversing the order of your morning routine and noticing how these adjustments make you feel.  Mindfulness is considered part of meditation, which takes on many variations of sitting, breathing, walking, and more. These experiences can be equally frustrating, hilarious, calming, terrifying, sad, and every other emotion available.  My mindfulness and meditative journey has started me on a path to get better at accepting myself as I am and sort through the chaos of everyday life, which in turn makes it easier to accept others.

I wanted to find a way to translate and share these experiences in body awareness directly to the people I care about and people I have yet to know.  I chose walking not simply for its health benefits but because of the way walking can help the mind find clarity. Walking, especially wandering, can also provide the opportunity to live outside the pressures of modern society.  Answering your email doesn’t feel so relevant a few miles into the woods or when you’re lost in the city. Walking also changes the tempo of life allowing a person to take in more details than running, biking, or other transportation modes because it puts you in direct connection with a space.

Combining walking with mindfulness has lead me to wonder how people’s bodies are affected by the spaces they inhabit.  This has been especially at the forefront of my mind because of my move from Detroit to attend school in Baltimore. Both cities are in various stages of rebuilding, redefining, and making space for diversity.  Can awareness uncover the visible and invisible borders within public space and how that affects everyday experience, connection, and community?

Upcoming Detroit Walks Coming Soon!

Past Baltimore Walks Included:

Line Up   Friday, April 6, 4:30p in Downtown Baltimore  (in front of Hard Rock Cafe) 

Woods   Friday, April 13, 4:30p at Lake Roland Park (in front of nature center)

Stress Walk  Friday, April 27, 1:45p at Towson University Van Bokkelen Hall (research presentation followed by walk)

Connect the Dots  Saturday, April 28, 4p at Towson University Center for the Arts, CA 2005*

Line Up  Thurs, May 3, 6:30p at Towson University Center for the Arts, CA 2005*

Map for Two  Sat, May 5, 4p at Towson University Center for the Arts, CA 2005*

(*designates part of Towson MFA Theatre Thesis presentation)