Bad & Nasty Bmore

Bad & Nasty Bmore was a day of art and activism organized to bring diverse voices of the community together as a way to positively focus outrage and unrest about the current political climate.  It was part of a national event ( held in venues across the country on President’s Day (Feb 20) lead by performance artist Holly Hughes.  Baltimore enjoyed an all day event that started with workshops, staged readings, and kid-friendly programming and ended with stand-up comedy, music, and burlesque.  Proceeds from the event and concurrent bake sale were donated to ACLU Maryland.  Bad & Nasty Bmore would not have been possible without the generous support from volunteers and artists.

Co-produced by Michele Minnick and Laura Pazuchowski

Assisted by Molly Cohen, Lauren Imwold, and Julia Katz

Featuring: Gary Huck, Micsmif, Shawn Leverette, Chris Colletti, Rose Weinschenk, Migs Rodriquez, Kirago Beauttah, Michael Furr, Molly Cohen, Griffin Delisle, Laura Gede, Jesse Baxter, Clifford Doby, Chelsea Blackwell, Jessica Parsell, Kat Kaplan, Alex Shade, Nicholas Perkins, Sam Rietenbach, Lynn Hunter, Emanuel Evans,  Diosi Smith, Tori Pots, Dyyo Faccina, Anuj Malla, Renato Flores, Alex Dukes, Rose Love, Nate Hellstern, Zeina Zeitoun, Chris Jay, Jo Tyler, Dan Hanrahan, Bari Hochwald, Mike Raitzyk, Ruby Rockafella, Deletta Gillespie, Misty Wilde, Mich, Caza Blanca, The Moxie Fords  [Jess Rivera, Ann Tabor, Lacey McCann], Phil Rogers and Joel Michael Schwartz, Dr. Ginger Snapz, Betty O’Hellno, Mani Yangilmau, Duff Norris, Julia Katz, Deirdre McAllister, TWAT (Theatre Women Against Trump), Tia Nina, Kimberley Lynne

Special thanks to The CrownThe Stillpointe Theatre, and the amazing volunteers.

Local Press: 

Photos by Katie Simmons-Barth

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