When thinking about progression of movement, one of the things I keep going back to is that I have to accumulate energy before I can spend it.

Accumulation is a dance by Trisha Brown based on mathematical systems of accumulation.  It was rudimentary investigation of the body’s joints using extend, rotate, and lift to create invented movements.   The dance was built on repetitions and addition to a sequence.  

I recently tried to create a sequences of gestures using this technique and found it extremely difficult to remember where or how many repetitions I had done.   Once Brown had mastery over the form, she added talking to the sequence, even slicing two stories together without preparation, which I couldn’t imagine being able to accomplish.  It’s interesting to me how she took basic blocks of movement to challenge perceptions of virtuosity, which so much of the post-modern dance movement was about.  I find her process-based approach similar to my own, leading to an everyday dress aesthetic that mirrors the content of the work.

Water Motor is the antithesis of Accumulation with liquid movements based on memory of a childhood event.  What I’m most interested in his Brown’s ability to work in two distinctly different styles.  I could probably talk forever about this because I’ve been reading Rosenberg’s Trisha Brown: Choreography as Visual Artwhich provides a comprehensive account of Brown’s influence in post-modern dance and her ties to the conceptual art world of the 60s.


Balance Art

I’ve never heard of the term balance artist before watching this feature of Rocky Byun, a balance artist from South Korea.  The way he finds the balance point of any object, any series of objects creates amazing sculptures that seem to defy gravity.  I appreciate that the simplicity of his clearly defined task leads to such visual complexity and visceral reaction.  The moment of reveal adds great theatricality to watching him work.

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Light Playlist

As the performance date approaches fest, I’ve been deep in rehearsal for In Light of.  Sometimes with the constant repetition, it’s hard for the material to stay fresh, which is why I like to try look at it from all angles.  Since in the piece we turn many lamps on and off, I’ve created THE LIGHT PLAYLIST: every song I can think of that refers to light.  You can find the entire playlist on my Youtube channel.  Quick hits are below.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band- Blinded By the Light

The Doors- Light My Fire

Journey- Lights

Five- When the Lights Go Out

Madonna- Ray of Light

The Velvet Underground- White Light/White Heat

Florence and the Machine- No Light, No Light

and much more…

The Last Bit

the last bit

“The Last Bit” is a short prop comedy taking a second look at mundane, everyday struggles.  The piece is being presented as part of “Synesthesia”, a multi-media new music project that features collaborative works by Peabody composers and instrumentalists together with MICA Artists and Towson Directors.

Bad & Nasty Press

Amazing turnout for “Bad & Nasty Bmore: Not My President’s Day” in three venues with over 40 performers taking over the Station North District!

Thank you to my co-organizer Michele Minnick and to Lauren Imwold, Julia Katz, and Molly Cohen for the great support along with all of the volunteers and performers who helped make this event possible.  Special thanks to Anna at The Crown and Ryan at Stillpointe Theatre for the generous use of space.  Special special thanks to Holly Hughes, Lois Weaver, and Mary Joe Watts for leading the way.

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Bad & Nasty Bmore

In solidarity with Bad Hombres and Nasty Women across the country, Bad and Nasty Bmore is designing a full day of events on February 20th in Station North, along Charles Street and North Avenue. The holiday Monday will include family friendly workshops, activism, play readings and performances at Stillpointe Theater (1825 N Charles St) followed by an evening cabaret at The Crown (1910 N. Charles St) that will feature music, comedy, and other acts. Bad and Nasty B’more has engaged dozens of artists and welcomes others to participate. The lineup includes a diverse and growing crew of Baltimore comics, singers and songwriters, directors, actors, performance artists, playwrights, and more. Proceeds will go to ACLU Maryland!

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