Hiking Bio


I am an artist nicknamed the “Minimalist Advisor” by collaborators and friends for my ability to find life in the smallest, mundane details. For the past 9 years, I have worked in a variety contexts and media including art direction for film, graphic design, and performance with an increased focus on commercial and feature films over the past year.   My solo, ensemble, and film work have been shown at festivals and in venues including the Chicago Fringe Festival, Bohemian National Hall in New York, and the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. My most recent project is a series of self-guided walks titled The Contemplative Mapping Instruction Adventure, which consists of live walking events and the publication of an adventure book.  I received my BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design and MFA in Theatre at Towson University.

I am currently freelancing while continuing to pursue new opportunities in art direction, teaching, production, and theatre.  I am a dynamic addition any team because of her diverse experiences that have developed my quick creative problem solving, storytelling, lightning fast research, organization, and understanding of the creative process.  I am always looking for new collaborators and can be reached by e-mail at pazulama@gmail.com


I often question my own assumptions about what my everyday life is “supposed” to be like. How do the people I interact with, the societal pressure, the beliefs I subconsciously hold determine the rules and guide my views in ways that harm or help me connect with others? I investigate these ideas in minimalist, troubling, playful, and meditative performances using materials from my daily life. Misunderstandings, definitions, tape, silence, rhythm, lamps, guitar, nonverbal communication and other everyday materials create the fabric of these performances. I am especially interested in the complexity buried beneath the seemingly simple, and as a result, I often focus each element down to essentials. My art offers a way to reflect on how we position ourselves in the world, draws attention to mundane details we might take for granted, and opens the door to empathy.

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