Queery and The L Word

Early this year, Showtime announced the reboot of the L Word! The renewed series will reunite many of the favorite characters from the original as well as add more diversity and inclusion with new characters. The new series will be led by Marje-Lewis Ryan, director and writer of many things including the Four-Faced Liar.

With all that excitement comes Cameron Esposito’s “Queery“, a podcast dedicated to discussions with queer thought leaders that explores identity in contemporary culture.  What really makes this podcast work is Esposito’s genuine curiosity for other people, how they experience their own queerness, and the stories that make up their lives.

Below is a more recent episode of Esposito in conversation with Ilene Chaiken, the original showrunner and creator of the L Word.   They dive into unknown secrets and insights of the show back when it first aired as well as where it is heading in the future.  It’s a great conversation about how visibility has or hasn’t changed over more than a decade since the first episode of Chaiken’s groundbreaking show.  For many lady loving ladies, me included, The L Word was one of the first times I saw a woman openly expressing her desires for another woman.  Seeing this show, despite all of its problems, gave an example of the possibility of living an open and honest life when this felt impossible.

Check out the episode here: https://www.earwolf.com/episode/ilene-chaiken/