Captain Marvel, Elsa, and Visibility

The world has been more than ready for female superhero movies and Captain Marvel is proof. With its crushing box office opening weekend, (read about it in New York Times) Here’s to the start of many more amazing women, gender non-conforming, and people from all backgrounds to have their superhero moment.

Visibility is and always has been important because when people see affirmations of their own identity in the media or elsewhere, it can help give validation to that identity. This could be why, at the hint of any queer content, people start petitions to make the content more explicitly so. A great example of this is the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend campaign that amplified at the release of the official Trailer for Frozen 2. Many view her song “Let It Go” as a coming out anthem proving Elsa is not afraid to be who she is. This would be a truly iconic moment if Disney were brave enough to make their first ever lesbian princess. (If this doesn’t happen, I am in process of making my own…updates on that to come.)

Many people have also been reading queer overtones into Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and her relationship with Maria Rambeau. Danvers helped Rambeau raise her daughter and it is clear that they treat one other as chosen family. See: Autostraddle “Captain Marvel is more kickass and queer than my wildest dreams”

The best part of Captain Marvel? The fact that Carol Danvers has nothing to prove to any man.