Annie-B Parson

Annie-B Parson is a choreographer based in Brooklyn most known for her work in modern dance and immersive theatre.  Similarly to de Keersmaeker, Parson approaches choreography through form but differently she is not interested in the emotional underpinnings of the movements or the dancer’s being carried away by their experiences.  She has been quoted as saying she doesn’t like modern dance for this reason, even though her dances are still classified as such.

I came across her work because I am a huge fan of St. Vincent (Annie Clark) and learned that Parson choreographed St. Vincent’s last tour as well as her collaboration with David Byrne.   I found out in this New Yorker article about her new album and her general process. What’s interesting to me is vocabulary Parson developed for St. Vincent taking into consideration that Annie Clark would be playing guitar the entire show.  Parson begins to address a question I often ponder: how do you move a band’s performance into performance art when capabilities are limited due to music demands (have to sing into mic, length of chords to amp, both hands occupied by guitar, etc)?