Detroit City FC

-c48351d0c8fda0e7.jpgI attended my first Detroit City FC (DCFC) game last night and was blown away by the performance of the fans with their relentless chanting and enthusiasm throughout the whole match.   Watch one of Northern Guard Supporter’s chants below.  Not present is the red and gold smoke released when DCFC scored, covering the field and noticeably obstructing the players’ and officials’ view.  I kept wondering what the purpose of all the chanting was since it didn’t seem to aid the players in any way except on an energetic level that I think both teams benefitted from.  It’s definitely a way of community building and blowing off steam but also adds exclusivity, an us vs. them among the fans.  The aggressiveness and threats are off putting as that’s always been a critique of mine within the sports atmosphere (long history of sports officiating) since I’ve seen talks of violence turn physical.    But for the majority, it’s just talk and I’m always impressed by the coordination of large groups of people performing in sync.