GPS Doodles

Artist and bike enthusiast Stephen Lund uses GPS technology (Strava) to map his bike rides into “GPS drawings”.   To decide on his route, he labors over maps of the city finding opportunities to create continuous line drawings in shapes that “pop out” at him.  While Lund is not the only artist to use GPS to draw, his work has some parallels to Richard Long’s walks in that they both arrive at documentation of solitary pursuits within a specific place.    In addition, they both “draw” over the landscape: Long with manipulation of physical space and Lund with manipulation of mapping space.  They also each heavily use repetition with every new iteration resembling closely the one that came before in technique and concept.  What fascinates me is seeing the space tell a story independent of its ancient history.

stephen-lund-52__700.jpg stephenlund-04.jpggps3.jpg