As I’ve started working through The Intimate Act of Choreography by Blom and Chaplin, I can’t stop thinking about the potential of hands, the potential of isolating any body part and discovering how much I don’t know about it.  The hands are especially interesting to me because many cultures believe the hands hold innate healing powers, beliefs that go back many centuries.  An example of this are Mudras, which are hand positions that are said to influence the energy of your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.  The Mudras were practiced in the East by many spiritual leaders including Buddha and are still used in meditation and yoga practices today.  At Forever Conscious, they outline some of the most common ones including Gyan Mudra, which brings peace, calm, and knowledge.


Also included here is an excerpt of a piece by Pina Bausch, which demonstrates isolating the hands in dance.  It reminds me a bit of Trisha Brown’s Accumulations in it’s repetition and progression but is far less mathematically structured.