I’ve started scouting locations for my next project, which uses Detroit’s landscape to inspire and provide structural basis for site-specific performance.  During some of my theoretical research I came across a quote by Michel de Certeau, a French scholar who combined history, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and the social sciences.

“space is a practiced place.  Thus the street geometrically defined by urban planning is transformed into a space by walkers.  In the same way, an act of reading is the space produced by the practice of a particular place: a written text, i.e.: a place constituted by a system of signs. ” – Michel de Certeau

A place holds potential for activation by others but remains neutral until it is acted upon. At least, that’s what I’m gathering. It reminds me of what I find so exciting about a blank stage: anything can happen if you make it so. The walking space can be transformed into the jumping space. The waiting space can be transformed into the love space and so on forever.