The Working Perception

About The Working Perception:

From a sandwich shop competition to a chance meeting with a celebrity, Laura takes the audience on a musical journey in between the lines of her resume as she attempts to balance work, dreams, and the things that matter most.  Initially conceived in response to the economic recession, The Working Perception is influenced by the immobilizing pressure of expectations and success.

The work was an official selection of the 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival and the 2015 Detroit Fringe Festival.


Meet the Band

basnerMatt Basner, Drums

Matt Basner is a recording engineer at The Tempermill in Ferndale, Michigan. He also spends time home-recording with his band Massive Cabbage.


IMG_4719Phil Boos, Guitar

Phil Boos is a musician, filmmaker, and actor from Ypsilanti, MI who has been involved with a variety of projects. These include working for CTN, Ann Arbor’s public access station, Algernon, a MI metal band, and is currently working on a documentary, entitled Just Listen, a biopic about four college students who have been diagnosed with Autism, and, of course, he plays guitar for the Working Perception, live, at the Fringe Festival.  For more information go to

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